One Winter's Evening . . . in Northern Minnesota  


.  .  .  a group of Greenwood Township Senior Folks  set out to have some fun at Shirley Woods' Place, and her Swedish Kitchen.  They gathered, they ate good food, heard funny and frightening     stories, then hopped on a hay  wagon , pulled  by a Deer !

They went up though the woods, saw the moon, the starsthe trees the hunting shack . . . and each others happy faces.  When they returned to Shirley's Place, there was a bonfire hot beverages S'mores and a couple of St. Bernards to enjoy.

 With much thanks to Shirley, her husband, the neighbor with the wagon pulled by a Deer, and Ms Sharon Smith for planning the delightful evening . . . a good time was had by all!  What follows, is the tale told in pictures.                              


Then everyone went Home                               To bed!          

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