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Dove of Peace 2

“Twist of Fate~A Night of Superstition”
The Annual Chamber Holiday Party  Friday, January 13th  6 PM Valentini’s Supper Club.  $25 per person RSVP ASAP to the chamber office  254-7930


Town Information

Chamber of Commerce

Benefit for Terry Hughes, Spaghetti Feed, Raffle, Prizes, Music  Cash donations will be used for medical treatments  $7 Adult $5 kids 13 and under.  Jan 21, Sat, 1-6 pm  To donate: 229-2444, 410-2499, 9997174 
Ruby's Bar and Grill

Sweet Holiday e-Card   http://ak.imgag.com/imgag/product/preview/flash/bws8Shell_fps24.swf?ihost=http://ak.imgag.com/imgag&brandldrPath=/product/full/el/&cardNum=/product/full/ap/3166187/graphic1

Santa's Reindeers are girls



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His Favorite Song
Tom Anderson

Hiking with a Friend
Tom Anderson

High Expectations
Tom Anderson

Snow Thrill
Tom Anderson

Sailing Background
Tom Anderson

Man of the Sea Background
Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson

Sounds Like the Season
Tom Anderson

Wilderness Guide
Tom Anderson

Just Waitin
Tom Anderson

Lightin' Up
Tom Anderson

She loves to dance
Tom Anderson

Be Patient
Tom Anderson

No Need for Tips
Tom Anderson

Me First
Tom Anderson

A Resting Place
Tom Anderson
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Artist, Thomas Anderson
"I will paint what you cherish"  facebook






"We will sew most anything! AND REPAIRS! zippers hems & holes!  Rag Bag Originals  We customize for YOU! Our pre-made items are at Gilley's Naturals and Craft Fairs.  SEE US AT THE LAskinen Sliding Festival Feb 4-5 Community Events/Palo

RECYCLYING FABRIC is OUR SPECIALTy!  (we can do new!) Memory Quilts & Stuffed Animals  Bags Totes & Purses A Variety Of Clothing American Girl &Other Doll Clothes   

FLEECE FOR OUTDOORS Mittens  Hats & Jackets 

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"We do repairs! zippers, hems, & holes!" Rag Bag Originals Facebook
RECYCLING FABRIC is OUR SPECIALTY!  (We can do new!)           



 for Craft Fairs and Shop Display.  Memory quilts from your special clothes, wall hangings, and stuffed animals from the clothing of your loved ones, embroidery, double layer fleece mittens and hats, recycled wool coat mittens, bags, totes, purses from recycled clothing  & new fabric, kids clothing, American Girl and other doll clothes.
On Facebook? *Become a fan*tell us*receive a discount!*  Photo Gallery on FB:  See what I can do for you!
More on RagBagOriginals  Shop for items in Cook: Gilley's Naturals open Tues-Saturday this winter
See my work at the upcoming Laskinen (see Community Events for info) watch fb, my website
and here,GHSintheLoop.com for upcoming events that we will be attending. 
218-787-2254  RagBagOriginals@gmail.com